Generatiivinen tekoäly -ryhmä

31.10.2023 – 31.12.2024

Ryhmässä tutkitaan ja toteutetaan generatiivisen tekoälyn käyttöä eri tarpeisiin. Generatiivisella tekoälyllä voidaan harjoitella tekoälyn generoimien kuvien, 3D-mallien, ohjelmakoodin ja tekstin tuottamista sekä tiedonhakua dokumenteista.

Generatiivinen tekoäly -ryhmän esittely

Generatiivinen tekoäly -ryhmän päivityksiä


Tarinoiden ja hahmojen kertomusten luonti yhdistyksen Pelinrakennusryhmän Virtual World -peliprojektiin generatiivista tekoälyä käyttämällä on aloitettu. Menetelmänä tekoälylle annetaan tietyt alkuasetelmat pohjatiedoiksi ja näistä kysymällä eri kysymyksin tekoäly luo tarinan osia, jotka yhdistellään lopuksi yhtenäiseksi tarinaksi. Seuraavaa tarinaa varten jo aikaansaadut tarinat taas opetetaan tekoälylle, niin että jatkotarinassa tekoäly käyttää edellisten tarinoiden tietoja.


Invent a story for gnoll Graka entering the town square scene, what did she want to do first in the Virtual World city?

Certainly! Here is a story for Gnoll Graka entering the virtual world city, based on the information provided:

Graka, a fierce and cunning Gnoll, stepped through the portal and into the bustling virtual world city. She took a deep breath, surveying the scene before her. The city was filled with towering buildings and futuristic structures, each one more incredible than the last. As she looked around, she saw all sorts of strange and fantastical creatures, each one more incredible than the last.

Graka's eyes scanned the city, taking in the various shops and stalls selling everything from enchanted weapons to rare magical items. She spotted a group of adventurers gathered around a large stone pedestal, listening intently to the words of a wise old wizard.

Without hesitation, Graka made her way towards the pedestal, her battle-axe at the ready. She had heard rumors of a powerful artifact hidden deep within the virtual world, and she was determined to find it and claim it for herself. As she approached the pedestal, the wizard looked up and met her gaze.

"Ah, a new arrival!" he exclaimed. "I have been expecting you, Graka. You have the look of a true warrior. I have a task for you, if you are willing to undertake it."

Graka nodded eagerly, her eyes gleaming with excitement. She was ready for whatever challenge the wizard had in store for her.

"In the heart of the virtual world," the wizard continued, "there is a dark and malevolent force threatening to destroy all that is good and pure. I need someone brave and strong to venture into the depths of the virtual world and defeat this evil once and for all. Will you accept this quest?"
Graka grinned, her mouth baring her sharp teeth. "I accept," she growled, her voice echoing through the city. "I will not rest until the virtual world is safe from this darkness."

And with that, Graka set off on her quest, ready to face whatever dangers lay ahead. She knew that this would be a journey like no other, but she was determined to emerge victorious. The fate of the virtual world depended on it.

Over the next few days, Graka explored the virtual world, seeking out clues and information about the dark force threatening the land. She encountered all manner of challenges and dangers, but she refused to back down, using her skills and strength to overcome each obstacle.