Warcraft III Water Mesh Height Fixer


This is a Java Application to fix the water mesh height problem in Warcraft III maps that causes area of effect spells and items to show their targeting circle at a wrong location.


Download Link



Water Mesh Height Fixer v2 (ZIP)

Bug Corrected

This application corrects the following bug:
Editor Bug: Phantom Water Height


The tutorial to use this application is found on YouTube:

How does it work?

It edits the war3map.w3e file and calculates a new water height for every vertex that has water mesh disabled, if the water mesh is found to be on a higher cliff level than the ground mesh.

Other tools needed

WinMPQ - to unmpq and rempq war3map.w3e
JRE - to run Java applications


- Dr. Super Good from the Hive Workshop for war3map.w3e editing tools in Java
- Sami Termonen and Tommi Gustafsson for programming the fixer application
- Tommi Gustafsson for the video tutorial

Change log

- 21.3.2018 (v2): The tool no longer causes water cliffs. It has been modified to calculate a new water height instead of setting it straight to 0.